Our Policy

  • lt's simple and we fully appreciate that every case is different.
  • We will treat every situation on its merits and remember:
  • With us it's personal

What if one of the businesses lets you down? No doubt you will try to resolve any differences with the business first. You have to give them the chance to return and rectify any problems.

But if you are disappointed with the goods or services you receive from one of the businesses, please tell us. It does happen - albeit rarely - but we don't know unless you tell us. We welcome your feedback whether it is good, bad or indifferent, and always take action to.try and help resolve any problems - if at all possible.

We use the familiar system of Yellow and Red Cards.

The Yellow Card                         

Turning up late once, or not phoning the client back sometimes happens but is not a yellow Card offence. But if we are given instances in which a business regularly fails to deliver good customer care, then we'll show them the Yellow card. Likewise, if it's a first (minor) offence.

The Red Card                 

Again just like in sport, if a business gets two Yellow Cards, then it's a Red Card for them: they are taken off the website and out of the next edition of the book. Red cards will also be automatically issued if we have clear evidence of:

  • Any malpractice, such as harassing a customer for cash payment, suggesting further work that is not necessary or asking for full payment up front
  • Overcharging the customer (do please obtain a detailed estimate for any major work)
  • Poor workmanship or demonstrable incompetence.

Who's the ref? We are!

Just the same as in sport, the referee has to decide if a Yellow or Red Card is warranted. To help us make a sensible decision it is good to have complaints in writing (e-mail is best) and for us to see any other documentary evidence: quotations; contracts; invoices; photos etc.

Please remember - with us it really is personal - we will try to help.