The Directory of Excellence

The Directory (aka The Little Green Book) has been going for over 25 years now and is your guide to some of the very best local trades people, other essential services and much more.


We only approve of those businesses that set high standards, provide good value and have a proper regard for you – the customer. So we do depend on your feedback – good and not so good. If you don’t tell us – we don’t know.

You – the readers of the book and visitors to our web site recommend most of the businesses featured; no-one gets into The Directory without recommendation and / or adequate references. Over the period ahead you will see more and more of these references appearing on our web site. We will obviously exclude any business where we become aware of poor service, malpractice, over charging or bad workmanship. (See OUR POLICY)

Please always use your common sense when dealing with any businesses – have a look at other work they have done - get matters of material importance in writing - make sure you are happy with the terms.

As publishers we act in good faith in featuring businesses that have been recommended and we make every reasonable effort to ensure that information is up to date. We are not the agents of any of the businesses featured. You should make your own enquiries by checking membership of trade associations or any other relevant or statutory bodies and also, where applicable, on adequate insurance cover. It might also be prudent to seek independent references. There is no inference that businesses included are any better than those that do not feature.

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